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Smudge Bombs

✨ Smudge Bombs Collection ✨

Lavender, Sage, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Rose, Cinnamon, Orange Peel 

Smudge bombs have a burn time of 30 minutes each, tailored for your smudging rituals.

The handmade stone incense holder elegantly houses both your incense sticks and bombs, offering convenience and versatility in your spiritual practices.

🌟 Experience Transformation: Elevate your smudging practice with this curated collection! Designed for spiritual cleansing and attracting positivity, each bomb holds the power to transform your space.

🌿 Usage: Perfect for smudging rituals to purify and invigorate your space. Simply light a bomb and let its aromatic essence cleanse your surroundings.

❤️Embrace the transformative power and bring new energy to your space with our Smudge Bombs Collection!

🌎 We honor Mother Earth with sustainability, and fair work practices. With us, your journey transcends mere fragrance—it's a conscious step toward holistic living and mindful well-being.♻️ Embrace sustainability: Your products may arrive in recycled envelopes or boxes, a testament to our dedication to conscious action.

✨Spark Your Wisdom! ✨ Transform your space, transform your energy. Explore the profound healing and uplifting power of nature through our artisan incense collection. 


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Smudge Bombs | 8 pack

Smudge Bombs | 8 pack

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